This project was born from the human need to feel good, to nourish offline human relationships, to express emotions, to listen to oneself, to share experiences, sensations, knowledge, and human sensitivity.

The intention is to create an open group, free of judgement, whose members feel the freedom to express their emotions with an absolute respect for themselves and others, where there is a clear intention to encourage one another to have confidence in their own artistic abilities, as well as facilitate an environment in which to improve them, where everyone shares a mindset of positivity, mutual support, and artistic creation.

A group in which failure is accepted and violence is not, in which personal responsibility and community belongingness are equally valued.

It is an opportunity to let yourself be seen by a real audience, meet other artists, promote what you do, to give and receive inspiration, interact with other talents and experiment with new forms…


To give value to people, human capital, social connection, authenticity, to sensitise our hearts, to increase mutual Listening and Feeling, because sharing in reality is very different from sharing on the web.

It is healthy to stimulate curiosity and imagination, ponder what does not yet exist, apply the imagination concretely, and transform limits by overcoming conventional designs.

Creativity, imagination, listening, knowledge, communication, and mutual support can open the doors that ignorance and fear often close.


The event will be itinerant, moving each time from one venue to another (so with a good chance we will arrive close to your home!).

At first, we plan to give precedence to natural places such as parks, forests, valleys, but in the future it could also take place indoors due to weather conditions and technical requirements.


Creating a great human circle where people can express themselves through art, music, poetry, dance, theatre act, performance, sculpture, photography, illustration, creative ideas, community services or generally any action that aims to illustrate, entertain, instruct, or reflect alternative.


The next event will be planned soon.

If for reasons related to rain the event cannot take place, we will try again in two weeks. We are hopeful!


These events are for sensitive people who want to create something nutritious and participatory together. For those who want to be part of a community, and believe that it is better to cooperate than to compete. For those who want to amaze, be amazed and have a visionary attitude. For those who want to smile and have fun together. For those who care about human unity: Humanity.

It is not your job that is important, but your passion.


Whatever comes from your own creativity and you would like to share with others for example: dance, music, art pieces, graphics, theater acts, performance, ideas, creative thoughts, personal solutions to everyday problems, poems, personal recipes...


send an email to share@s-y-n-c.com

subject: date of the event you will perform (dd/mm/yyyy)

content: name of the artist / title of the act / your bio (not mandatory)

We will provide you a microphone and a music box but you need to come with your own equipment, therefore acoustic music is a better option.

Whoever sends an email in order to be part of the event but is unable to attend will automatically be included in the mailing list for the next event.


Project by Theo Human


Next event : unknow

Meeting at 16.00pm

Starting at 16.30pm

  • no alcohol, drugs
  • do not attend this event if you feel sick

If for reasons related to rain the event cannot take place, we will try again in two weeks. We are hopeful!