In the future, when the group will becomes large enough we can progress to realizing collective project.

For example:

Tinder off line

Where people in a direct, honest and human way express live their need to be able to give love again.
Wouldn't it be fantastic and simply revolutionary to do this without a mobile phone or computer?

Clean the environment

Where a group of people decide each time on a different place to go, walking, dancing happily perhaps with a musical background.
Bringing happiness, wonder, fun and amazement by cleaning up urban or natural spaces, adding colour, useful services, works of art.
Sharing with the aim of doing good, of bringing a little light and human harmony.
Photographs from above of a very large group of people who may be naked or for an awareness campaign or humanitarian purpose...

Acts of positive madness

Unconventional forms of collective expression that promote the human feeling of externalizing real emotions with good intentions.
Crazy acts of poetry, art, humour, dance, criticism of society, service to the community with the aim of improving.
Bringing positivity, wonder, showing possible solutions to a chosen theme, bringing attention to the right to joy...

Help for a homeless

Each time a different one, sweetening the day by listening to him/her, cuddling him/her, offering instead of money time to share.
Can be a haircut or a shave, dance together, asking what he/she thinks about certain topics, taking a walk in the woods together...
You cannot save everyone but you can certainly bring a smile to someone's face.
If a lot of people pay attention to one individual, he/she will perhaps still feel some faith in humanity (This would be good for all of us).